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May 20, 2013


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Correct you were indeed! Derek just added this in an email (which he said I could copy here): (Derek I used Monash University's Jim Breen's kanji dictionary for this and came up with "moose" and elk")

It seems that when the Japanese imported
the kanji, they didn't bring in the same meaning as well, possibly
because the same animal didn't exist then in Japan (pure speculation on my part). Strangely enough, the animal is listed by its nickname, 四不像, in the online 国語辞典 I looked up -- http://dic.yahoo.co.jp.

Sad that it's extinct in the wild. If the Wikipedia article is to be
believed, the last herd was eaten away by Western and Japanese troops. I
guess it must have been a delicacy; fit enough for the gods, from your
passage about the 鼎。

Beautiful! I'm going to sign up for a reincarnation in your Paradise. However, there is one sticking point. Kierkegaard...did he make it to Paradise?? I agree with the exclusion of Heidegger, okay even Kant. But I will not share paradise with Kierkegaard!!!

Oh, I definitely want you in paradise with me!! And, no Kierkegaard. I really agree that Kierkegaard would be banned from the gates of our heavenly abode xo

Dear Peony,

This message has nothing to do with the above article...It's just to let you know that quite recently I sent you some further comments and remarks about your wonderful article "Kuchean Dancers and the Sogdian Whirl". Probably you haven't seen them , that article was published some time ago...But please do have another look at "Kuchean Dancers...", my latest comments are found there, and I would enjoy further discussion with you on this theme. The recent discovery in Japan of an enigmatic inscription on wood seems to indicate the presence of a Persian or Sogdian counsellor in that country, as early as the Nara Period. I'll try to send you the very interesting link.

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