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December 29, 2011


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hmmm.... I can't remember the last time I left a comment here.

2011 feels like such an extraordinarily long year, and a year of earthquakes. This year feels so long that I actually have to open Wikipedia and check that the Tohoku and Christchurch earthquakes happened this year. It is true that Japan and New Zealand have always been shaking, but this year it got so much more violent.

And I read this morning that New Zealand leads the world in one more area: My country has seen the fastest growth in the gap between rich and poor since the 1980s of any country in the world.

What a horrible year.

But whenever I find myself wishing 2011 would make itself scarce and leave us in peace, I remember March 31. This is the year my daughter was born, and she's brought a whole new world of magic with her.

What a beautiful year.

Happy New Year!

The vast cloud you felt
In this year? Its lightning
Reached all feeling hearts.

sky-like mind ...

10,000 clouds

Oh Chris, I am so happy to hear from you!!! And your news is better than good it is FABULOUS!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. I would love to see photos--can you post them on facebook?? She must be adorable. Our boy was also born in very very tumultuous times.. it was just a few months after the world trade center and things felt--just like now-- unsteady.... and yet, children never even notice! It is almost impossible for me to imagine that New Zealand has wider gaps in income inequality than the US--where it is absolutely appalling.

Anyway, I am so glad to be in touch!!! Can’t wait to see your daughters picture!! I was invited to come to Shanghai by a friend in May but I don’t think I will make it... would love to visit you in the northern capital someday...xoxoxo BTW, I read and HIGHLY recommend to you Ghosh’s River of Smoke. You will LOVE it. It is almost unbelievably evocative of place and also is an interesting illuminating of the colonial mind—these things which still reverberate today and well... I think it was the best novel I read in 2011. Think of all my friends, you in particular will enjoy it.

2001 according to google

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Oh Arsen, it is wonderful to hear from you!! And yes about the heart and being illuminated...One of my dearest friends (who also reads your blog, I think) recommended this book to me and I think you might enjoy it as well, called New Gnosis: Heidegger, Hillman, and Angels (angels =Henry Corbin’s illumination of the creative imagination).

Sky-like mind
10,000 clouds--
It is the “perfect place to walk”

Thanks! I'm back from Chichibu where Shin Sasakubo resides. During my stay in Chichibu,from 29 to 31 December, we enjoyed music by Shin and his friends, my haiku reading with their music and our walking among mountains.

A New Year's offering, my latest adaptation from the Chieko poems...


Artist's Studio, New Year's Eve

after Kotaro Takamura

Let’s not leave the moist clay, earthenware to freeze,
My love.

Tonight the kitchen larder will be empty – no matter.
Let’s warm the fire.

In the bedroom, the blankets may thin out
And you may clutch a pillow,

Shivering , in early light – no matter.
Let’s not leave the moist clay, earthenware to freeze.

I will be your sentinel, sleepless in midwinter,
Letting loose the mercury’s

Thin column, a brigade against the gale.
Though we may find the world has left

The two of us alone – no matter. New Year’s day.
My love, let’s warm the fire.

The year of the giant earthquake
cold, I stir the fire

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