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February 07, 2011


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That is the best one yet (My 2nd smile in a month!) Not to mention you wrote it on Halloween! I'll do my dark khaki one next.... why don't you post your fianl version from Gialbo's here as well-- so everything is all in one place??

Did you like your cameo in paradise?

Isn't it hard to believe it's already November?

This is a LT chapter that I have an original opinion about. I think that the first line each of Chs. 59 and 60 belong together, and that the ending of Ch. 59 is some kind of interpolation.

My argument is that the two lines are related in meaning and form an OK literary pair, and that the ending of Ch. 59 is basically crap which could have been written by anyone anywhere. It's one of the very few passages in LT that doesn't resonate with any other LT theme.

Both lines advocate wu-wei minimalism in government and begin with chih/zhi "rule". The finals do not rhyme, but they alliterate.

I am aware that my methodology is improper.

"In ruling men and serving heaven, there's nothing like being sparing (frugal); rule a great state the way you'd boil a small fish."

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