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October 02, 2010


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Wonderful post. What scares me in these times is the Philistinism that predominates. I'm so thankful I got through public school when teachers still taught students how to think, how to see both sides of an issue. Tullio you are so correct about our external experiences. They are transferred to us by our various assimilations and today it is that transferrence that worries me. What is getting through today? There are twenty distractions for every possible transfer. And the distractions are reproducing at warp speed. Divisiveness rules. The common green is neglected and covered in weeds it seems. Still, as individuals, we can move ahead, put up our defensive shields and, hopefully, make the right choices. I'll be thinking about this post, I know, for some time.

Africa beautiful??? Well, bits of it, maybe. But not the relentlessly flat, sunscorched, snake-infested plain I lived on for 6 child years (1 child year = c.10 adult years). Still we made our own amusement in those days without any help from the cosmos.

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