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October 05, 2010


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Namit's piece included one of my favorite poems by Ibn Arabi:

My heart is capable of every form.
A cloister for the monk, a fane for idols,
A pasture for gazelles, the votary's Kabah
The tables of the Torah, the Koran.
Love is the faith I hold: wherever turn
His camels, still the one true faith is mine

“I dreamt of Caesar again last night . . .” Lucky you! All I ever dream about is Lady Ga Ga.

Well, hello to you there, too!

You may as well know that your thing with Lady Ga Ga has been brought to my attention before. And, I have stopped to wonder, what could it mean? What could it all mean, Mr. Croner? :)

Oh, Oh, La La La, I am in Bad Romance

Cheer me up, Don-- tell me how cold it is there. Would you believe it is raining in LA today?

Actually we are having a heat wave at the moment. It is only minus 14°F / -26°C. Yesterday at this time is was minus 26ºF / -32ºC. The wolves on the Hill Behind My Hovel are howling at the Balsamic Moon. And I am not just into skinny chicks. I also have a thing for Yang Guifei.

You realize that I already know that, don't you? I think someone might have mentioned to me once something to the effect that you might very well have a thing for most any chick who happens to have a belly button...Of course this is all hearsay but yes, I am sure someone told me that once.


-32ºC, did you say? God, I hope your hovel has a heating system! Enjoy the howling and enjoy the balsamic moon...

Delightful; I was just discussing Dante (about what is so much worse about the longing in the Paolo and Francesca passage, which is also a longing with no hope) with Lee Yearley a couple of days ago, over dinner in Hong Kong. There must be a Dante wind blowing through the East.

I've always wondered why Aristotle should be in Dante's Limbo but not Aquinas, since there isn't much, if anything, to Aquinas's God that Aristotle's lacks.

Welcome home, Manyul! That was a whirlwind trip. I hope you had time for 飲茶!Your question is fascinating... you are the Aristotle expert, but do you think what Aristotle lacked was this idea of true faith=Love; I don't think Aristotle had this concept of faith (where the opposite of Faith is apostasy).... Paolo and Francesco had faith but their faith was their lust-- not Love (love as the God of the fedeli d'amore) And so, they are lashed by stormy winds in Circle Two of Hell (which is separated from Limbo by rocky stairs and a slope straight down.) I've always thought that the dazzling company of Limbo is perhaps only to be outdone by the fascinating charcaters in the Lustful (Dido is there, of course)

There are many different translations of the above quotation by Ibn Arabi. My favorite translation of the last two lines is:

My only religion, my only belief is Love
Wherever Love’s Caravan goes there I go also.

My only religion, my only belief is Love
Wherever Love’s Caravan goes there I go also

I love that.

Fideli d'amore. Like the sufis and troubudors, that poem I put at the end of this post "Dante to the fideli d'amore" they say it was Dante's attempt to make contact with the group... in the days of coded poems, publishing poems was an effective way to try and connect with those people which you believe you belong.... Arsen might say this is not unlike our blogs maybe?

And everytime I read your blog I regret not having named myself Madame Blavatsky.

Who Are You, Madame Blavatsky?

hey luv,

Re: "do you think what Aristotle lacked was this idea of true faith=Love; I don't think Aristotle had this concept of faith (where the opposite of Faith is apostasy)" -- I thought Aquinas's official position was that one could come to proper belief in God through reason OR faith; if I'm remembering correctly, that means Aristotle should be catapulted upward; I think Dante knows his Aquinas well enough, so...what do you suppose?

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