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August 25, 2010


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I think your thoughts on inviting Mi Fu to Paradise are similar, in a sense, to your thoughts about heaviness and lightness.

The big personality, driven off passion is wonderful because it cares for nothing but what is essential to it - the Passion. Whether it's art, music, travel, food - it's about some aspect of beauty, and therefore life. It's very attractive - because some part of us all wishes to be so free and filled with that unhindered passion.

That's the lightness.

But then one thinks of the effects of that. Putting Passion first means deprioritizing other things like the connections and relationships - to communities as well as individuals. The joys of love, connection, togetherness - they bind and weight us at the same time they nourish us.

That's the heaviness.

And so, you seem to find you need someone to be heavy enough to be with you in Paradise.

Mi Fu is beautiful, but too light.

I find kimonos really fit me comfortably, but as a foreigner in Japan, it would unfortunately be a bit odd of me to wear them every day. Not to mention the expense...

The expense indeed!! One of my best friends just bought a kimono-- her "dream kimono" in fact, and it was more expensive than a small car. You would look really good in a kimono I think. There are so many great flea markets where you can buy them used-- you should buy yourself an entire wardrobe :)

I like these Vietnamese paintings!
I am also drawn to the "big personalities" but while charismatic & compelling, they are always so darn labor-intensive!

Hi MW,

I love the paintings as well-- and there is one other Vietnamese contemporary artist who was really popular in Hong Kong when I lived there about 7 years ago who painted in a similar style but in lacquer. For the life of me, though, I cannot find his name, but I actually preferred his paintings.

Did you follow the link above? I loved the painting of girl with bird.

This is a great book about contemporary Vietnamese art, which may have become hard to come by...

It's so popular in Hong Kong and Japan, I wonder if you see many exhibitions of contemporary Vietnamese art in NY??

Hope all is well with you.

Aren't used kimonos haunted by the previous owner's ghost?

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