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December 06, 2009


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Mountains, much like the sea, help to remind us of our place in a larger universe. I think the ocean has the most eternal feel - and is the only thing that is, was and always will exist. It's where whence we came and what will be left.

But mountains tend to inspire us more - as they reach to the heavens and leave us feeling small in a world of beauty.

However, you forgot my favorite mountains - and ones I know you've been around: the volcanoes of Bali, whoch act as the great parents of the island. They feel full of life, stand solid and each one on its own, and between them have the most gorgeous lakes. Bali's mountains are teeming with life - and the source and center of the most magical place on Earth.

They too disappear and come out to surprise you. But they can always be found, and are always gentle and full of life (except when one erupts).

These two posts on mountains are some of your most beautiful and poetic pieces.

Mountains have, more than any other natural geographic feature on the planet, the ability to draw us all once again into that tempting world of the possible...and once up amidst all of that powerful air we taste the heavens.

A nice read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Vandor, mountains as possibility and magnets drawing us into awe. And crystal clear and dazzling thin air as Clarity....

You must be surrounded in beautiful snow-clad mountains right now. Too cold to go up any higher though I imagine.

Hi Bao Pu! It's great to see you here (and there)!

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