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September 30, 2008


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That was very interesting to read, thanks. I'm amazed how much you remember after so many years.

You ask: Would India give up Kashmir? Not easily for sure and perhaps only after a lot more suffering. A recent example where this has happened is East Timor. Today I ran across this new article by Pankaj Mishra that resonated with me.

Hi Namit,

Thanks for sending the article. It resonated with me as well-- especially the part about the tendancy for farsightedness that can be seen in so many countries around the world. I cannot respond more, however, as I do not know really to what extent the Indian government attempted these other means Mishra talks about-- such as financial incentives? granting larger powers of self-rule, cross-border instututions/trade with Pakistan... Probably, by this point, there is too much water under the bridge, as Mishra points out, probably there are very few families in the valley which have not been affected.

My point, though, was not really to talk about solutions for Kashmir as I am not knowledgeable enough to keep up in the discussion... this post was really nothing more than my pitiful feelings of sad nostalgia.... like I said, I must be having a mid-life crisis!

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