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September 22, 2008


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We've gazed at the full autumn moon, listened to the insects serenade us from the tall grasses & yes, we are a bit melancholy…
However, an artist in the Meiji Era put these things together & gave us this object-as-poem in the form of a small but exquisite two panel screen.


Be sure to click on the details…

The Met has such an amazing collection of Japanese art, doesn’t it? You're lucky to be so close...On a similar note, I love this earlier one by Sakai Hoitsu:
It’s at the museum in Tokyo—but they rarely show it.

Yes, poem-objects… I got out my “tea ceremony student notebook” (茶道お稽古手帳)… and this is for the Ninth Month (modern calendar):

"This month of autumn grasses and poems about the moon is also known as the Chrysanthemum month, and in tea, this is reflected in the Chrysanthemum Festival and the double nines 重陽 tea gathering. With the lingering heat of summer finally letting up around higan, mornings and evenings are now cooling off. There are blue skies and a tangle of autumn grasses in bloom as slowly but surely we begin to see the season reflected in the leaves in the trees, the color of mountain foliage and in the flow of the rivers. Autumn. After the equinox, the sound of returning geese as well as the lovely singing of the insects can be heard from out our windows.

Utencil names of the month:
Autumn sounds, insect voices, sunset, morning dew, first geese, white dew, early maple leaves, red dragonflies, autumn butterflies, matsumushi…."

And just as you said, poetry and art are intertwined in such a unique way. I really love using lacquer at this time of year--
(Kandy Korns look pretty in your shiny stainless bowl but I bet they'd be even more dazzling in black lacquer..)


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