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July 09, 2008


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What a fantastic essay on Yixing teapots. I was shocked that it had no comments. I was introduced to them on a cheap impulse buy in Hawaii when i picked up one so "touristy" that it lacked a lid! How far I have come since then. I love Yixing teapots because they are prime examples of items created with craft and skill that gain value as they age. Their simplicity belies a finely honed design subjected to hundreds of years of cultural review. In a world dominated by cheaper at the cost of design and durability, the Yixing teapot will never be replaced in my home by a more "modern" alternative.

I completely agree-- in fact, they remind me of really fine Persian or Kashmiri silk carpets, which also become more beautiful with use. The teaware museum in Hongkong has an amazing collection of yixing but I also recommend the video that I linked to in the Post because it shows the way the pots are actually handcrafted like rakuware... Thank you so much for your comment Andrew.

Hi Peony,

Stumbled upon your delightful website when searching for a poem by Tao Yuanming for my book The Spirit of Tea. Would like to communicate. Address below.

Warm regards, hot tea

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