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July 16, 2008


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"What would a salon like he was envisioning really require?"

Time. Those courtiers and artists had long long hours to while away with no real jobs.

The new film is fine, not quite as good as the reviews have been claiming, IMO. A competent rendering of the story, with little character vignettes and big showpieces. And doves, of course.

Hi Phil,

Time? It's interesting that you say that, but I ruled time out as a required factor because, well, first of all I am surrounded by people with nothing but time, and it seems the more time they have the less they are inclined to do. But more to the point, the kind of Internet salon my friend was hoping to create just required the amount of time it would take to be a literate person-- to read and think about what you read; to look 鑑賞 and think about what you were looking at; to listen 聴くand think about what you were listening to. THat is, the time it takes to turn off the TV a few nights a week??

Anyway, I think wearing those kimono, preparing that tea and incense and following that intricate calendar might have actually demanded a lot of time.

So, you saw the movie? I am jealous! I am getting ready to re-read the Romance of Three Kingdoms-- and wondered if my copy (trans Roberst) was the best out there? Any recommendations?

Thanks for stopping by!

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