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May 02, 2008


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I'm looking for my relatives, the decadents of prince Peroz II of Sassanian Persia who fled to China after the fall of the Sassanian kingdom in the mid 7th century. He became a Tang dynasty general, and his son married a Tang princess and their decadents were the military rulers of Canton in the 9th century AD under the Tang family name (Li).
my great grand mother is princess Shahrbanu the sister of prince Peroz II, she married Al-Hussein ibn Ali (the grand son of prophet Mohammad and the son of Ali ibn Abi Taleb, the 4th caliph and the brother of Al-Hassan ibn Ali, the 5th caliph) Al-Hussein and all of his sons were killed by the Umayyads in the battle of Karbala in Iraq, except for the son of imam Al-Hussein and princess Shahrbanu whose name was Ali zein Al-Abedin. I come from that linage:

Hi Ahmed,

It's nice to meet you. This is such a romantic story, isn't it? I have even seen very brief mention of Peroz having made it all the way to Japan, where he was thought to have married a Japanese woman and helped contribute to the Persianification of Nara. There isn't much English information and this blog post was mostly imagined informtion based on very very scanty bits of writing online in English and Japanese. I wish you great luck in tracing your lineage and hope that you will write about it in english someday so I can learn more! All the best!

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